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Frequently Asked Questions

CoachActivism Vision and Mission

CoachActivism aims to be the leading global coaching organisation supporting volunteers in humanitarian crisis to reach their full professional and personal potential towards meaningful social change

We provide high quality coaching to volunteers and their organizations working in humanitarian crisis worldwide, while supporting a professional community of accredited coaches

What does CoachActivism aim to do?

CoachActivism aims to provide the necessary tools and support that are needed to improve the experience of the Volunteers and Aid Workers.

What does the coaching that CoachActivism provides look like?

CoachActivism engages interested volunteers in one-on-one or group coaching sessions based on the client’s needs. Focus of past sessions have included:

  • Creating a safe space for expression of work-related feelings, worries, fears, hopes.

  • Defining goals, outcomes, imagined futures, desired situations.

  • Building resilience, confidence, empowerment.

  • Adopting practices that nurture and promote wellness and well-being.

  • Understanding and exploring Acceptance.

  • Improving work/life balance.

How do I access CoachActivism Coaching?

Any Volunteer or Aid Worker interested in receiving Coaching can fill in our online form.

Is coaching only done in english?

No, our coaches come from various language backgrounds and are situated in several different time zones and you will be matched with the coach that best matches your profile.

How much does coaching cost?

We offer six free sessions of one hour over two to three months to each client volunteer with the option to extend if needed..

What happens after I apply online?

Schedule a time to meet with the onboarding committee member (Link is in the online form!). The Clients’ Committee receives the application and matches you to the most suitable and available coach so they can start with coaching right away. You will be contacted directly.

Who are the coaches that work with CoachActivism?

Our goal is to maintain the highest quality of services, and so all of our coaches are experienced, professional coaches accredited by the ICF or similar governing body. In addition to their recognised qualifications, we provide them with extra training relevant to the specific requirements of the program in areas such as Ethics, Boundaries Management, Trauma, Cross-cultural Management, Transactional Analysis, Supervision.

Why did CoachActivism start operating?

We realised that volunteers coming from around the world to assist incoming refugees were not getting enough support to allow them to continue working. Most aid workers and volunteers struggle with feelings of burnout, guilt, boundaries, and lack of crucial organizational, coordination or planning skills that were being asked of them. Coach Activism was created to bridge the need gap so Aid Workers and Volunteers can continue to do this vital work.

How can I sign up to volunteer as a coach, supervisor, or to assist with organizational needs for CoachActivism?

Anyone wanting to volunteer as a coach can send a direct email to

Where can I find out more about CoachActivism?

Please feel free to go to our social media platforms LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or contact us via email address at

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