The CoachActivism program is a pro-bono coaching initiative in response to the global refugee crisis.

Professional coaches are offering their services to support volunteers who work with refugees.

We are here to support you

From May 2016 to September 2019 we have 49 coaches, 16 supervisors and 6 trainer from 15 different countries helping 142 coachees - 55 different organisations from 18 countries.

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What We Do

We have a team of professional coaches from 10 countries, all volunteers. The coaches offer their services pro-bono to help volunteers who work with refugees to better address their on-the-ground challenges, deal with overwhelm, increase their resilience, and more effectively organize and coordinate every day tasks.

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Benefits From Participants

  • "Listening more to myself and what I need"
  • "Better self-confidence; to value more myself"
  • "I was allowed to talk about whatever was on my mind and the sessions were always focused on something concrete I could work on"
  • "Someone to speak to , away from this environment"
  • "Necessity to reflect, sort and express what I felt"