Our vision: To have a positive impact on the lives of volunteers working on the international refugee crisis and to be a leading global organization inspiring coaching initiatives that promote social change.

Our mission: Provide high quality pro bono coaching to volunteers of the refugee crisis by using a cooperative organization structure that supports our credentialed volunteer coaches with on-going supervision and training.

We are here to support you

From May 2016 to September 2019 we have 49 coaches, 16 supervisors and 6 trainer from 15 different countries helping 142 coachees - 55 different organisations from 18 countries.

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What We Do

We have a team of professional coaches from 10 countries, all volunteers. The coaches offer their services pro-bono to help volunteers who work with refugees to better address their on-the-ground challenges, deal with overwhelm, increase their resilience, and more effectively organize and coordinate every day tasks.

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Benefits From Participants

  • "Listening more to myself and what I need"

  • "Better self-confidence; to value more myself"

  • "I was allowed to talk about whatever was on my mind and the sessions were always focused on something concrete I could work on"

  • "Someone to speak to , away from this environment"

  • "Necessity to reflect, sort and express what I felt"